Ruben Amaro Explains Why Red Sox Are Best Team in Baseball


"“This is the best club in baseball, I think,” he said, motioning toward the Red Sox. “Their combination of speed, power, pitching, bullpen. They’re a hell of a ball club. They don’t have a whole lot of holes.”—CSN Philly"

There are plenty of people out there who aren’t sold on the Phillies.  Just because one facet of a team is awesome, doesn’t mean it’s enough to knock their blatant weaknesses unconscious and drag them across the finish line.

I mean, yeah, of course those people suck and are just jealous.  Some of them aren’t even picking the Phils to win the division, and refer to themselves as “radical” for doing so (Of course, in Chicago, a journalist should be accustomed to witnessing the unthinkable).  Actually, the hype surrounding the Phillies was created by the media and us fans, because we’re insane.  Guys like Bobby Valentine who “aren’t sold” on the Phillies aren’t bold revolutionaries for what they’re saying.  They’re just being realistic against a background of mindless hype created by one of the most prestigious rotations ever built.

Oh, the Phillies are getting older?  The Phillies offense was stifled in 2010?  I wish I could have picked up on that in depth analysis.  This is what I get for my 2010 traditional game-watching techniques:  muting the TV during the pregame show and holding a pillow in front of my face for three hours, then just writing a post game recap that said the Phillies won by ten runs because that’s what I assumed happened.

No wonder I couldn’t secure press credentials in Clearwater.

But when the tide goes out and even our own GM won’t give us the “best team out there” label, its a bit different.  I’m not saying we are the best team out there–we certainly could be, once baseball starts being played–but Ruben is the one who bricked this house together.

The Red Sox are monsters.  I expect their offense to be an industrial run-factory that refuses to recognize national holidays.  But I didn’t make the Phillies what they are today, so I don’t know.  Considering its Ruben’s job to assemble the best Phillies team he can, you’d think the world’s most relentless Phillies confidence would come from him.

And, as Brian Phair of BoSox Injection reminds us,

"“It is always nice to hear positive things from opposing GMs, but ultimately, Amaro’s comments don’t mean anything to the fans or front office.”"