Some Unfortunate Person Has Stolen J.C. Romero’s Car


If there was one Phillie to not steal a car from, it’s probably the one that’s been suspended for punching a man in the head.

Seen here posing in front of a futuristic Philadelphian skyline that has evolved into a series of shiny, twisty buildings and one ball on a stick with a needle coming out of it, the 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo is the vehicle of champions.  Namely, champions who have achieved glory, been cast off from the medium on which it was achieved, and then sheepishly brought back because of both their predominant arm and familiarity with the setting.

With those stipulations, J.C. Romero may be the only person in the world who bought the model (He’s not, though!  Kanye West once had one destroyed/stolen, too!)  But none of that matters anymore, because somebody ran into Bert Smith Porsche in St. Petersburg last night, where the Romeromobile was being refueled with AWESOME, and stole the crap out of it.

Truly, there are no greater champions in this ‘verse than J.C. Romero and Kanye West.

No word yet on how many times or with what level of aggression J.C. plans to punch the culprit.

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