Lenny Dykstra Has Some Thoughts on Charlie Sheen, Obviously


Charlie Sheen went crazy, and I didn’t care.  But when that craziness reached out and tickled Lenny Dykstra… well, now that’s something I want to talk about.

Sheen gave his now infamous interviews, and with that, a Philadelphia-area NBC affiliate grabbed its pick axe and headed back down to mine Lenny Dykstra for some craziness.  He and Sheen are apparently buddies (I think Charlie Sheen has yet to comment on this claim, because right now I’m convinced Lenny just bet somebody $400,000 he could get a camera crew to come find him).

So Lenny dug out his favorite adventurers’ hat and sat down to talk about his friend Charlie, and all his problems with drugs and alcohol, and how he must be just fine because if Charlie’s got a problem, then Lenny’s got a problem.  And Lenny’s sane enough to give an interview about his alcoholic friend while drinking a beer in what seems to be the waiting area of an orthodontist’s office, so he’s obviously doing fine.

There’s a news story, and then there’s Lenny Dykstra’s commentary on a news story, which in turn is news itself.  News triples its own newsworthiness just by coming out of Lenny Dykstra’s mouth.  Why hasn’t anyone given him a reality show yet?  I used to think he wasn’t a mainstream enough figure to center a show around, but there’s like 12 shows all about hair salons now, so let’s not pretend audiences are picky about which asshole they watch plummet into despair.