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Phils Pound Nineteen Year Old Floridians


The members of the Florida State Seminoles were excited to face a top tier professional baseball team.  Apparently the Phillies were just as excited to face a college baseball program.  Admittedly the initial reaction seems sensible, but one wonders if getting the shit pounded of you tempers your exuberance.

Native Floridian and second generation Seminole Tyler Everett started the game quickly giving Ryan Howard the opportunity to crush a two run double following singles by Polanco and Ibanez.  The Phils scored four runs in the first inning which happened to be equal to the amount of hits that the Seminoles mustered for the entire game.

All three potential starting right fielders played in the game.  Brown went 1-3, Mayberry went 1-1 and Francisco went 0-1 with a walk and a run scored.  Based on what I know about baseball, Mayberry just won the job.  Getting a hit off a college relief pitcher has cemented the right field position…….remember that you heard it here first.

Josh Barfield and Pete Orr shared second base duties as Chase Utley was scratched due to soreness following baseball activities.  Charlie was asked about the injury and proclaimed that Utley is fine and will play when he is ready.  The sky is falling.  First Cliff’s side issue and now Utley is obviously dying.  J-Roll did not play because he was at the white house attending “The Motown Sound” event as he was invited personally by the president.  What the hell?

Maybe major league baseball should give these kids aluminum bats to try and level the playing field, or maybe they should make Howard use one hand, or maybe I am ready for real baseball to start.  Bring on the Damn Yankees.  By the way, the final score was 8-0.