Placido Polanco Suggests Other Teams Fake Injuries When Facing Phillies


The term “bone spur” sounds absolutely terrible, like something that happens after massive calcium deficiency, or the newest unlockable character in a Marvel vs. Capcom game.  And Placido Polanco had one inside of him last year.

"“Probably take that series off,” said Polanco, joking about how he would react to facing the Phillies’ Big 4. “‘Oh, my neck hurts.’ ‘I’ve got the flu.’”–Jim Salisbury, CSNPhilly"

Yes, the Phillies still have some players that won’t be pitching for them this year, and just in case you wanted to hear, they are operational.  In fact, they’re more operational than ever before.

Polly was a part of that death march to the disabled list that 18 out of 25 Phillies made last season.  The experience is why everybody prefaces all their statements this year with phrases like “If everybody stays healthy…” because now they know, at any moment, everyone’s bones can explode.

But that’s why we have the off season!  So that the fans can be starved for awhile and learn to appreciate baseball; the starting rotation can go “hog-hunting” in the desolate woods of West Virginia, which we all know is really “human-hunting” in the crowded streets of Philadelphia; and the players can recover from all the bodily harm they sucked down for months and months.

So, Placido’s back to 100%, which means he can play third base without flooding his system with cortisone.  Today is a beautiful day.