New Phillies to be Installed on Important Wall


Alumni Night this season will take place on August 13, to commemorate the one year anniversary of that awesome eight-run comeback win against the Dodgers.  I assume.  But more importantly, it will feature the brand new faces on the Phillies Wall of Fame, which could be anybody from Curt Schilling to Greg Gross to Lenny Dykstra, if he’s not in prison for some weird thing.Here’s your ballot.

  • John Kruk – Once refused to run from first to second base after a prolonged series of foul balls because he was sick of it/is awesome
  • LennyDykstra – Definite brain damage, possible illiteracy
  • Jim Fregosi – Managed both Lenny Dykstra and John Kruk at the same time.
  • Larry Christenson – Once broke his collar bone for the sake of a charitable bicycle outing
  • Greg Gross – Had to try and teach Greg Dobbs how to hit again in 2010
  • Von Hayes – Is a rock band
  • Rick Wise – Hit home runs, threw a no-hitter, did them on the same day
  • Jimmie Wilson – We traded him in the middle of a game before his successful career as an orange farmer
  • Ron Reed – Pulled a “Firpo Marberry,” and don’t worry, it’s totally legal
  • Jim Konstanty – Managed to keep his spirits high enough for an MVP career between being the crippling depression of being a gym teacher and an athletic director