Domonic Brown All Better Now, Thanks


Today, I stepped into a batter’s box.  I didn’t listen when they told me I wouldn’t be able to handle 80 mph pitches from the machine.  And what it get me?  Brain damage.  So I made an adjustment and switched to the 60 mph cage.  Next thing I knew, I was a highly successful hitter, touching the ball with the bat at least three times out of every 20.

What’s that?  “That’s still a pathetic amount”?  Who are you to judge me; the 11-year-old socking line drives of the 80 mph machine after I switched cages?  The point is, I made a change, and the hitting “improved.”

Greg Gross felt Domonic Brown needed a similar adjustment, only his involved way, way less junior high baseball teams pointing and laughing.Boy, do I have selective memory with Dom.  I think of that RBI double in his first at bat, and that unnecessary home run that landed in the Poconos, and that throw home that made Gaby Sanchez look like he was about to burst into tears.

The truth is, you’d need shock therapy to convince yourself his time in the Majors this year was a total success.  And sure, the natural thing to do is to just wait a bit until Philadelphia is flooded with sweet, delicious, memorykilling beer.

Greg Gross says “NO.”

Actually, Greg Gross says:

"“It was just the timing of when he got to the place where he was ready to swing. Then [his hands] would drop even more and he’d be late.”"

And that was Domonic Brown’s problem.  He and Greg had a little “minicamp” the other day, which I’m starting to think is just baseball-talk for “a conversation,” and claim to have hammered out a new strategy:  Don’t do that thing Greg just said.  That way, he can be in the lineup more often, using all of his talents to the full extent of the law.

Bad news for Ben Francisco and John Mayberry!