Shane Victorino’s Long Awaited World Series Prediction


If you would have told me at the end of last year that Shane Victorino would claim the Phillies will win the 2011 World Series, I would have been not surprised, because Shane Victorino plays for the Phillies, and they are very good.  So when he did just that, I was not surprised, because Shane Victorino plays for the Phillies, and they have only gotten better.Sure, sure, sure.  We can paint the walls with that stuff they have to say.  “Its only on paper,” and “It doesn’t mean anything until you’re actually playing ball.”  Say whatever you have to, guys.  But nobody’s going to blame you for being positive.  I mean, remember whose on this team?

But Shane’s remarks come in tandem now with Brad Lidge, who has apparently been calling Charlie Manuel every few days or so to tell him his knee is just the tits and to talk about how neat he thinks this rotation is.

In his recent interview, Brad discusses the massive case of blue balls he had after getting whispered out of the playoffs, claiming he had only just been hitting “midseason form” at the time of the Phils’ elimination.  So it may just be the dizzying pain he’s had in his testicles since October 2010, but Brad is chomping at the bit.

Why is it surprising that the Phillies think they can win?  It’s not, and they can.  And Brad’s right; the fact that he didn’t have any surgeries this winter has made the offseason a paradise.  After a post season that we can blame a lot on injuries (Though I blamed everything from “…fucking Joe Buck” to “…probably a witch doctor or something” at different points throughout the debacle), that’s an incredibly refreshing notion.

Is this news?  Hell no.  But it sure is nice to hear.