Charlie Manuel Says Everything Is Going Great


Like you, I assumed “mini camp” was just another term for “baseball training thing.”  It turns out that is what it is, marking the first time one of my assumptions has been factually correct not just some gross exaggeration for comical purposes.For five days, 20 Phillies pitching prospects were lined up and shot evaluated by Rich Dubee.  All were examined to see who is going to possibly wind up on top of the pile of relief pitchers with which we will leave Clearwater.  Justin De Fratus was there!  So was Michael Schwimmer and that new guy with the normal-sounding name!  Michael Schwimmer is 6′ 8″ tall!  Holy shit!

And then, and then, and then.

Roy Halladay showed up with free books for everyone, revealing that yes, he has been crafting his body back into a weapon after taking a few hours off this winter to read a book to his children.  The book in question was the one Roy would read as a youngster, back when his parents grew concerned that their son had such anger in him after losing that he could set their pets on fire with his mind.

[Old Enough to Know Better]

Sure, you could argue that guys like Charlie Manuel and members of the front office can’t provide a truly objective view of the proceedings, given their attachment to the franchise and their desire for these prospects to be great.  Also they paid for it all, so if it was a bust, they probably wouldn’t announce it to a newspaper.