Phillies Prospect Faces Correct Accusations of Steroid Use


In one of those articles that actually doesn’t have a video crammed in the middle,we’ve got some drug-addled news out of the Phillies Dominican League team.  I’ll let MLB reporter/secret agent from the Deep South Rhett Bollinger explain.

"“Phillies Minor League pitcher San Lazaro Solano, a member of the organization’s Dominican Summer League team, tested positive for Boldenone.”–Rhett Bollinger"

Oh my god.  This raises a number of important questions, for instance:

  • What the hell is Boldenone.
  • Who the hell is San Lazaro Solano.

Naturally, let’s start with the drugs.

Boldenone is a steroid, seven times as anabolic as testosterone, that is usually reserved for horses, when they are too crippled and/or depressed to get out of bed in the morning.  The substance initiates weight gain, thicker hair, and better looks.  And as the old saying goes, “If it’s good for a sick horse, it will probably make you a better baseball player.”

San Lazaro Solano is a 20-year-old, right handed pitcher who mostly started and sometimes relieved on the Phillies Dominican Summer League roster.  I don’t really know anything else and used up all my research on the drug thing and all my hilarity on the “sick horse/baseball player” joke.

He will be suspended for the first 50 games of the 2011 season, as weakened horses the world over plot revenge for their stash being raided.