I Hope You Hated First Energy Stadium the Way It Was


The Reading Phillies’ home stadium is getting  all dolled up in some important, yet sort of uninteresting, ways.


How do local fans feel about the project?  They’ve been everything from “…excited,” to nothing else, just that.

And who wouldn’t be excited for new blue padding to protect outfielders, or fresh concrete being poured into the grand stands?  Nothing revs my engine like knowing things are being put in place that I will never get to experience.

Apparently there will also be plenty of things for fans and sarcastic, idiot bloggers to soak in as well.

The concessions area will be revamped to include more seating and further venues; like for instance, a stage, on which children will prance and yelp in choreographed numbers, all summer long, before and after games.

Then there’s the additional parking, the brand new baby-changing tables, and the unchanging ticket prices!  If they keep this up, First Energy will be the first park to not be just family-friendly, but solely-family-friendly.  Sounds like trying to gain entry without a baby to change at some point during the name would quite frankly be a waste of your money.