Ben Francisco and Kyle Kendrick Dance the Dance of Arbitration


Were you one of those kids in high school who did homework in study hall, instead of provoking the mostly-retired study hall monitor into debates of his curmudgeonly beliefs, to the point of tears?


Anyways, Benny Fresh and KK are now eligible to do their arbitration homework, but they have plenty of time to “do” it.  Or… whatever verb you apply to “arbitration.”Did you know Ben Francisco ($470,000) made less than Kyle Kendrick ($480,000) last year?  Only $10,000 less, but still.  If they actually made Kyle aware of how much he was making, instead of just letting Ryan Howard dangle his paycheck over his head, just out of each, he might be a little bit proud of himself.

By January 18, both the Phillies and each of these guys will hand over pieces of paper with a sum of money they feel is fair on it.  At that point, a three-man death panel fairness board, or whatever they call it, decides what number is next to the dollar sign.

Of course, if they want to do away with this magical series of events altogether, the players can settle with the team any time they want, because baseball is c-c-c-crazy.

Ruben’s been highly successful in seducing players into signing before the whole Council of the Triad-esque scenario presents itself, however, so no worries.  That is, if you were at all “worried” about not signing Kyle Kendrick.  Ben’s a little different, given the importance of his role in the coming year.

The clock’s ticking to February 15; which is the cutoff point for Ben and Kyle to decide whether or not one or two or both of them are arbitrating themselves.

I believe I speak for every single person reading this when I say, “Winter blows, please start the fucking season already.”