J.C. Romero Wants to be the Next Cliff Lee; Won’t


I don’t know how many emotional homecomings we can budget in this offseason, but J.C. would love at least one more.  Of course, anything that happens in the wake of a Cliff Lee signing is kind of going to be forgotten, ignored, or shrugged off.  Like leaving one of your kids at the mall.  Meh; world’s got enough kids anyway (I like how I assume that leaving a child at the mall automatically means it is dead).

Anyways, Dennys Reyes’ deal collapsed under the weight of his own failing health, and we’d still like a lefty in the bullpen, please.  That’s where J.C. Romero comes in.  It seems Phillies management is considering him as an option.

"“Maybe this is a door that opens for me to go back to Philly.  I love it in Philly. I hope it works out and I can be back there. I felt they were closing the door for me when they signed Dennys, but everything happens for a reason.”–J.C. Romero"

Wait a second.  That’s not what’s happening at all!  Apparently you can just throw a question mark at the end of a headline and it covers your ass, no matter what words precede it.  A better one would have been “J.C. Romero Is Keen on Getting His Job Back,” or “Wouldn’t It Be Nice for J.C. Romero if Everything Worked Out?” or maybe “J.C. Romero Says Something; Internet Morphs It Into News.”

So what we can surmise from the news today is that J.C. Romero would like to play professional baseball rather than not, and he would like it to be for a contending team, rather than a shitty one.