Cliff Lee Signs With Phillies So Mets Will Be Great in Two Years


"“I’ve been trying to convince some friends who are Mets fans that the Cliff Lee signing is good for New York, in the big picture. Here’s the logic: The Mets are probably not going to be very good in 2011, and maybe even 2012. So, by 2013, when the Mets theoretically have rebuilt themselves into a contender, Lee will be 35 years old and the Phillies could have a roster top-heavy with older and more expensive players.”–Buster Olney"

Okay, so.  Here’s my thing.  Look, the Mets suck.  I don’t even have to say that anymore.  Mets fans would agree with me.  It’s like just saying the word “Mets,” there’s an implication of the phrase “suck.”

And I’m over the honeymoon euphoria of the Cliff Lee signing.  Its a powerhouse rotation, sure, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start haunting other team’s blogs with all-caps messages and just a silly number of exclamation points.

But saying Cliff Lee’s signing is good for the Mets because down the road, the Mets will be good again and Cliff will be 35 when it happens just sounds like a guy trying to take the opposite approach to an argument because no one really has yet.

Here’s a bold prediction for you:  The Marlins will one day win the World Series again.  WHOA!  Whoa.  Where do I get off?!  I’ll tell you where.  Anywhere.

Because when the window of opportunity is “somewhere down the line,” you can predict anything.  If the Mets are terrible, Cliff Lee won’t be the sole reason for it.  When the Mets are good, it won’t be because Cliff Lee has turned into shit.  Its because this is baseball, and if your team blows, you have to spend a year or ten rebuilding to make them competitors again.

Of course the Mets will be good again someday.  That’s why we have to beat them down so mercilessly right now, while we have the upper hand.  Do you think we’re under the delusion that this will last forever?  Give me a fucking break.  Losing–that’s what feels like it’ll last forever.  I went to Spring Training when I was in 8th grade and the autograph ball I came home with had such signatures as Mike Lieberthal, Alex Arias, and Ron Gant.  So, yeah.  We’ve been through that whole scene.  Over 10,000 times.

Trying to bridge a correlation between the rise of the Mets and the Cliff Lee deal just seems like Buster is trying to buckle two things together that don’t go together, but one of them is extremely newsworthy right now, so you know.  Why not see what else we can attach to Cliff Lee in a headline just to see if it ups the traffic numbers.

I mean, hell.  That’s what I do.

Cliff Lee Living on Same Planet as Most Terrorists

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Man Shot Eight Times in Vallejo, California, Where Cliff Lee’s Friend C.C. Sabathia Was Born

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And, so on.