We Could Probably Leave Cliff Lee Alone Now


The Good Phight put up this video of Cliff arriving in town, tired and weary from his travels, and clearly anxious to have a smarm-faced local “reporter” stand in his way and thrust a microphone in his face while parasitic little autograph-hounds skittered about, swarming the guy like fire ants consuming a scorpion.

I’m not going to say I’m not excited.  If I see one more water stain on my basement walls that looks like Cliff, I’m calling a therapist.  And maybe a priest.  But I’m quarantining my crazy to myself, and also this blog, I guess.

What I’m saying is, its miraculous enough that he’s even back here, so don’t get all “WE ARE THE SPORTS MEDIA” on him and fire bazooka full of loaded questions directly into his face mere seconds after he gets here.  He’s a nice guy, so he won’t say anything, publically.  But in what is probably the only real difference between me and Cliff Lee, I will say publically that we should please get that camera the fuck out of his face.

Not that Cliff needs someone else to defend him.  I’m sure he’d start punching throats if it was deemed socially acceptable or if he didn’t have revolutionary levels of patience and class.

Its like stumbling upon two unicorns mating in the woods.  Just let ‘um go at it, let ‘um do what they’re inclined to do naturally, and then maybe ask a question or two afterward.  But don’t sprint towards them with a camera crew in mid coitus, screaming “HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SAY YOU MISSED PHILADELPHIA, A LOT OR MORE THAN A LOT?!”

There.  Now, I expect this all to stop.  If anything can bring local/national sports media to a grinding halt, its a 300-word post on a blog that nobody reads.

You’re welcome, Cliff.

Oh, and here’s an attempt to spin the Cliff Lee story into “Sixers news” somehow.  Didn’t work.