This Last Jayson Werth Noise and That’ll Be It


Well, it finally happened.  All that Werth-talk can finally dissipate as we watch Jayson pack his things and head out for D.C. and a career that ends with countless losses and empty stadiums.  We’ve got a World Series ring and a pocket full of memories.  I’ll let Jayson get in his final thoughts.

"“Once you get to a point where you feel unwanted or you get a sense you’re not part of the plans, it’s time to move on.”"

All right, Jayson, just… just stop.

Let me start by saying that we are all so happy for you.  Genuinely!  You’re going to have plenty of haters, sure.  But they’re idiots.  They’re loud, and they don’t like change, and they’re so ready to hate people; they’re just looking for reasons to go crazy.  You know better than to listen to them, so I won’t even bother mentioning it.

When you were sitting on the bench in L.A., with lingering wrist problems and an unfulfilled desire to just play, did you ever think you’d have a record breaking, multi-year contract for any franchise, let alone one that didn’t even exist yet?

Of course not.  This is the dream; and we, the team with whom you got to blow up, and go All-Star, and become a fan favorite, could not be happier for your success.  Congratulations.

We all read your Sports Illustrated profile.  You hate when people guess what you’re thinking, because how could they really know?  Your thoughts are your thoughts.  And who knows what really went down with the Phillies offer?  Maybe they stapled an index card to it on which was scrawled in RAJ’s handwriting “…BUT YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST GO LOL.”

But please answer me this.

Outside of “Let’s lose every fucking game we can, until the sun morphs into a Red Giant and consumes the earth,” what sick, fucked up, baseball plan would the Phillies be calculating in which Jeff Francoeur is wanted by the team and Jayson Werth is not?

In what way does offering a very reasonable $45 million deal over three years–with probably a fourth–to a guy over the age of 30 indicate you being “…not part of the plan?”

Being the expert on what the Phillies currently have planned (which would, quite frankly, scare the living shit out of me if it is indeed accurate) what brilliant schemes have the Phillies charted for the future that go like this:

Phase 1: Get rid of only right-handed power hitter, fast.

Phase 2: ???

So please, Jayson, you tell us.  What about you did the Phillies not want, after saying that they wanted you, and offering a reasonable amount of money to keep you, and then lamenting the fact that you were not going to stay?  How exactly did you feel like you were getting the boot?

Like I said.  I sure don’t have any hard feelings.  Just regret that you won’t be here to knock some runs in.  But don’t go all “Brett Myers pity party” on us at the last second.

You’re great, and you’ll be missed.  But you are leaving.  You. I certainly won’t fault you for taking the money, because I certainly would have as well.  Why else have Scott Boras for an agent?  But do not sit at that podium, waving that $126 million “Jasyon Werth” Washington Nationals jersey to the press, thinking “I left Philadelphia because they just didn’t want me anymore.”

Anyways.  Hooray for you.  Please don’t do well against us.