Jimmy Rollins Not Waiting for Pre Season to Say Endearing Things


"“I’m working on my six pack.  You can get yours at phillies.com.”–Jimmy Rollins"

Okay, first of all, if he came up with that on the spot, that is hilarious.  Secondly, that is totally one of those things that if Jose Reyes had said it, I’d probably dedicate an entire post to how stupid it was and how much of a sell-out whore Reyes is and man he sucks.He also said this more “inspirational banner from my old elementary school’s computer lab” sort of thing:

"“If I don’t believe in me, I might as well quit.”"

*Two young ballplayers high-five and then freeze frame as the words “Believe in Yourself” flash onscreen*

Jimmy’s offseason plans include confidence, maybe working out with Ryan Howard in January, believing in himself, remembering 2011 is a contract year, and yoga.  I’m sure Jimmy noticed that he “kind of sucked” in 2010, so here’s hoping he heads into Clearwater with more than a smile.

“That’s bullshit,” said Roy Halladay, in between sets of running steps while carrying a basket with his entire extended family in it.