Suddenly I Have to Remember What “Arbitration” Means


Look at all this shit happening!

Werth is offered arbitration!  Chad Durbin is not offered arbitration!  Davey Lopes is hired by the Dodgers!


What’s great about today’s news is that it is news that everyone knew would be news.  Of course Werth is offered arbitration; worst case scenario is two high level picks from the team he inevitably signs with.

Of course Durbin isn’t offered arbi–wait.  Apparently he’s getting gleans from teams that may want him to start, even though he hasn’t since 2007.  Zolecki described the situation akin to Jamie Moyer in 2008, but my favorite part is this:

"“But while Philadelphia did not offer Moyer arbitration, it continued negotiating with him.”—Todd Zolecki"

I love that he refers to Philadelphia as “it,” like its some sort of monstrous, anthropomorphic city, slamming its fists on a long wooden table while it negotiates with a horrified Jamie Moyer.  I also love that I refer to Todd Zolecki as “Zolecki” as if we are bros, when in reality, we’ve only communicated once, via Twitter.  Digital age!  Still counts.

Basically, the Phillies want the same old Chad at the same old rate.  Offering arbitration would have chipped even more dollar signs off of our leaning Jenga-stack of a budget:  Dear god, don’t touch it, we don’t have a full bullpen yet.

And lastly, Davey Lopes.  From the second he left, the Dodgers practically drove next to him as he walked home in the rain.  His former team, they were more than ready to let him fall into their arms; to let him cry on their shoulder; to be there when he needed someone to just… to just listen, you know?

Have you ever written something and known that if the person you wrote it about ever read it, they’d rip out your spinal column and then hunt down and beat the rest of your family to death with it?

We’ll miss you, Davey.