Four Minor Leaguers Seduced by ‘Pigs


A lot of people are complaining about the dull drudgery and lack of movement during the GM Meetings, but the Phils are trying to add to their Major League roster as we speak.

How good are you at running while holding a folding chair, or explaining rules to 45,000 screaming lunatics?  Several girls from Pennsylvania and Jersey are about to have these exact merits tested as the Phillies give you, the rational fan, a chance to select the last 2011 ball girl.  And don’t forget to shop at Macy’s; the preferred discount department store of pistol-wielding shoplifters!

Don’t be fooled, there are actually signatures touching paper in the Phillies organization; and when I say it in the lead-in this time, its not because I plan on concluding with a hokey, misleading punchline.

The Hog Blog has snorted that four minor leaguers that Baseball America doesn’t think are very good just re-signed with the Phillies’ affiliates, two of which will be headed for Lehigh Valley Ironpig territory: Dane Sardinha, Nate Bump, Tagg Bozied, and Fidel Hernandez.  Is it just me or did that sound like a list of plastic-wrapped characters from a Matt Christopher novel.

What I know most about Dane Sardinha:  I won’t bring up the DUI thing, or that he’s the second Hawaiian guy to play for the Phillies.  But he is a catcher and he did a bit in his mid-season adventure to the ML roster.  He had eight hits in 13 games!  He also struck out 13 times.

What I know most about Nate Bump: Lyme disease.  Has possibly greatest starting pitcher’s name in baseball history.

What I know most about Tagg Bozied: Kendry Morales-ing” himself after a walkoff grand slam; indestructible wife

What I know most about Fidel Hernandez: He’s the only one of these four to be locally sourced by the Phillies farm system!  He’s also the only one to be suspended for PEDs.

They’ve also played baseball, occasionally.