Phillies Prepared to Acquire Lefties; Outfielders; Your Money


Folks, face of MLB 2K11 Roy Halladay finally tracked down that second Cy Young Award, and you know what that means.

Discount price t-shirts!

So, do what any sane Phillies fan would do and immediately set fire to all that non-Phillies related apparel clogging up your wardrobe.  Red Friday is a-coming, and you can’t spare the space for all the blood-colored, dangerously low-priced gear you’ll be piling up to celebrate Thanksgiving, the off season, free agency, or whatever the hell reason you need to rationalize dropping $900 on stupid crap!

But if you thought Citizens Bank Park was having a dynamo feeding frenzy of a sale, you should check out what Ruben thinks he’s doing in Orlando at the GM Meetings.


  • Laying “extensive groundwork” (get ready to be sick of that phrase) to acquire Carlos Quentin from the White Sox!
  • Pondering the notion of other passable outfielders like Jermaine Dye, or shitty ones, like Jeff Francoeur!
  • Still not eliminating Jayson Werth!
  • Acquiring a left handed pitcher!
  • Possibly acquiring other left handed pitchers!

Wow!  That’s a whole mess of crap!

First, the lefty–he’s Dan Meyer, he’s 29, he’s from South Jersey (ew), and he’s one of these guys that was good and then wasn’t but now might be again.  The Phillies aren’t exactly handing out contracts laced with hundreds these days, so he’s exactly the kind of guy we would take a chance with on a minor league contract: a left-handed guy.

Also on the radar are Pedro Feliciano and Brian Fuentes.  The seasoned Feliciano (Say that out loud and it sounds like you’re ordering at Olive Garden) is also attracting the Yankees, which makes him all the more attractive to me, because as I have stated before, “spite” is a really good reason to acquire a bullpen pitcher.  Though you’d think they wouldn’t have time for this with all the Lee-hogging.

Fuentes was the Twins’ attempt to smother Joe Nathan’s season-ending injury, and they’ll probably offer him arbitration.  He’s got way-hot free agent numbers when it comes to BAA.

The Phillies outfield is going to include a platoon somewhere.  I refuse to believe Raul Ibanez’s fade can only get more perpetual, and with Werth (come on) gone, that leaves Shane Victorino as your solid base, and he showed in 2010, he can be not that sometimes.  So that leaves Shane, Raul, Dom Brown, Ben Francisco, John Mayberry I guess, and possibly this “other guy” slot that’s opening up for at this point soembody like Quentin or Dye (This started as a sick joke, but whoever is continuing the “Jeff Francoeur could be a Phillie LOL!” rumors needs to get brained with a coffee mug).

Its funny how everyone within the Phillies fanbase is positive Dom Brown isn’t ready to take on the everyday role just yet, but everyone outside is just assuming the Phils would be bonkers to grab another outfielder with Dom Brown on the horizon.

Especially another outfielder who can play right and is right handed and can hit for power.  Just slap a costume store beard on him and Ryan Howard won’t even notice somebody different is knocking him in.