Phillies Certainly Keep Doing Things with Signing of Eddie Bonine


The eventual non-roster invitee list is already being built, giving that 2011 bullpen a chance to have all the makings of a marching band full of sad trombones.

The signing of Eddie Bonine, a 29-year-old reliever barfed up by the Tigers, understandably slipped by for the most part unnoticed.

Eddie is a right-handed ex-Gaucho with a habit of having an ERA over 5.00.  He has attended Glendale Community College, Washington State, and University of Nevada, Reno, and played for the same Single-A team as Larry Bowa, Greg Luzinski, Mike Schmidt, and Captain Hugs.

I’ve got to tell you.  Based solely on the headlines of Motor City Bengals (notably this fairly straight forward one and this not at all regretful one, and this fairly alarming one), the signing of Eddie Bonine does not appear to be a real solid move.  But, that’s why its a minor league contract; so he can dive into the rat heap with all the other invitees next spring to fight for a spot in what is shaping up to be the next group of relief pitchers to keep people in Philly drinking more and more heavily into the later innings.

Outside side of a spot on the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference’s First Team, Eddie’s got little boasting for him on his resume than 608th and 671st round picks in the draft, respectively.  Three years in Detroit have gotten him a 4.74 ERA, 160 hits in 129 IP, and experience living in a mostly-gutted American ghost town.

Eddie joins the Mathiesons and Worleys of this world who have pulverized in the minors (Eddie did okay for himself in Toledo), but through limited exposure or success in the Majors, don’t find themselves with a definitive role for 2011.  I have a feeling Eddie Bonine’s could be arriving in Clearwater this spring by the busload.

At least he keeps up on the latest hair fashions.