Jason Varitek is Great Brian Schneider Replacement, Someone Thinks


The reason Cliff Lee would be so confusing of a get for the Phils is because starting pitching is one of the last things we should be scanning for these days.  It’s honestly a little surprising, yet pretty enthusing, but a little surprising, that we’re even as far along in the process as we are.  Which is to say, not very far.  But it feels like we’re gassing up the jet for a trip to the moon just because we’ve got this big freaking jet sitting in our driveway and why the hell shouldn’t we take it on some bad ass excursion?

But then another little not quite necessary notion poked its head out in the form of replacing Brian Schneider at backup catcher.

The guy was no beast, but he was a backup catcher, so if we was a beast, he’d have a starting job somewhere.  I don’t recall cursing Brian out in therapy for any particularly long diatribes, so why are we researching this, namely when our focus should be on filling the bullpen with young studs?

If the Phillies think they can upgrade without rattling the payroll too hard, I’d be game.  But the whole reason this is all being talked about is because the replacement in question if Jason no I’m not kidding Varitek.

Of course, you’re hearing this from me, who read it on Hardball Talk, who got it from Maureen Mullen’s Twitter account, who had it whispered to her from “a source.”  So whatever the hell that means.  I guess in this deranged chain of “Whisper Down the Lane,” we’re lucky I didn’t come out on the other end spouting that I heard the Phillies were planning to make Jason Voorhees the new assistant GM.