Ryne Sandberg Will Maybe Get Triple-A Consolation Prize


I don’t want to taunt the alarmingly knowledgeable Ryne Gery, but I will say that when I first saw this article, I didn’t even read it.  I just saw the headline and immediately tweeted Ryne in a mature and journalistic fashion, without even really knowing what was going on.  I’m two sentences into this post and I still haven’t read it.

Its just one of those hilarious off season stories when one team has every reason to hire a beloved former player and skilled coach as their manager, but then they don’t, and then some other team that most people hate zooms in and tries to get him to coach one of their minor league teams.

Yup.  One of those really common things.

Nothing’s official, but it is nice to start rumoring about repair parts after a week of finding out which pieces, players and coaches are falling off.

Now, plenty of leads will tell you that bringing Ryne Sandberg “back” to coach the ‘Pigs will completely make up for trading him all those years ago.  Gery said it better than I will be able to:

"“Seeing him in another uniform even if it is just as a manager would just be wrong. And yes, it’s because he’s my favorite player, but it’s also because he earned the shot.“"

Personally, I think Sandberg would be a bad-ass get for a Major League team, and with several of them on a skipper-hunt, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to at least get some interest (Not from the Cubs, apparently).  But if he would be willing to work in our minor league system, I will be more than happy to welcome him (My approval being an integral part of every Phillies contract).

The normally tight-lipped assistant GM Chuck LaMar was spewing information all over the place about filling Dave Huppert’s former role:

"“We hope to have it filled in the near future.”"

Wow!  What else?

"“I’m not going to comment beyond that.”"

It was fun while it lasted.

Well, maybe if Ryne doesn’t work out we can see what Ivan DeJesus is up to.