Totally Cruel Cliff Lee Article Shows Him in Phillies Hat


Now, nobody spit out your coffee.

We’re still at the part where nothing feels for sure; in fact, it feels like a feeling of certainty regarding Cliff Lee’s next location will never get here.

But that’s why this is the fun part, because with the Phillies being one of the seven teams to “contact” Cliff, we get to give the fantasy machine a kick and watch it whir to life, projecting images of the greatest fucking rotation of all time.

So it’s a little bit mean of MyFox Philadelphia to be blasting images of Cliff in a Phils cap after one of his World Series starts up there, all tantalizing us with “maybe-just-maybe” thoughts, and giving us a picture to bounce them off of.  “Preliminary,” I guess is the word.  “Unlikely,” and “impossible,” are others.

Just look at that payroll.  Even with all the subsidizing going down–Romero’s out, Lopes is out, Moyer’s gone, Hoover’s been sucked out–and being $35 mil under the $178 luxury tax limit don’t help.

But again, that’s why this is the fun part.  Just don’t look at the numbers; plug your ears, and scream at the top of your lungs, because this could be the closest we get to fulfilling that daydream you’ve had during every commute for the past year; the one that made you drift into the other lane and accidentally blow up your neighbor’s yappy terrier under your front tire.

Just… think about it.  That’s all.

Also, this:

"“Moyer told Fox 29 during the playoffs that he will pitch in the major leagues next season and was doing very well in recovering from an elbow injury.”"


"“Moyer will be 48 in November.”"