Sorry to Interrupt Your Afternoon, but Jeff Francoeur is a Prophet


I try not to dwell on hatred (well, particular hatreds) for too long of a clip, otherwise I just wind up sounding one-noted and furious.  But that’s just a sentence you write when you are about to do something that everyone’s probably sick of by now, so you can probably guess what’s coming next.

So Sports Illustrated has this article by Tom Verducci that isn’t so great but the exclamation point on it is a Francoeur shout-out for the ages.

"“Good call by Jeff Francoeur. He said after seeing the Giants beat his Mets three out of four after the All-Star break while yielding just eight runs, ‘That team has got a shot to be in the World Series.'”"

Good call?  That’s downright profound. Actually, at the time, it sounded kind of stupid, which was probably why nobody was putting in their articles back then.  How many teams had a shot to be in the World Series on July 18, anyway?  That’s what?  Four games passed the middle mark?

Jeff makes an ambiguous “prediction” about a team that’s playing well, and he’s credited with a “good call.”  He was pointing at the ocean and swearing he saw a fish.

And the inspiration of this call was that the Giants were able to soundly disassemble the Mets.  Since when is beating these Mets three times a solid indication of possible league dominance?  In the very next series the Mets lost three in a row to the Diamondbacks. They lost game one 13-2, but took game three into the 14th inning, only to lose 3-2.  The Mets could lose in a wide variety of fashions.  This was in the second half, too, when they were smoothly lapsing into “comical collapse” form, a time when their speculations on winner should seem even less credible.