It’s Time for “Made Up Problems,” with David Wright


Beating the Braves had a lot more punch to it than beating the Mets, because unlike the Mets, the Braves are a team of baseball players, not bench players from your team of “ghost” people in a backyard whiffle ball game.

But as long as the Mets keep us LOL’ing, they will keep being the LOLMets.  And last night, those c-c-c-crazy Mets tried once again to wedge themselves into your attention, in the midst of a not-win during a not-playoff run.

Here’s a tip.  If you’re going to bring something up after a game, an act that makes your displeasure and angst very clear, as you have obviously not let it go even after walking off the field–in the Mets case, head-lowered and humiliated once again–then you better be ready to deal with the other team’s rebuttal.

But if the other team doesn’t even acknowledge your little problem, does it, like a tree falling in the woods or a Mets player swinging a bat, make a sound?

… no.

"“We’re going to have to reevaluate how we slide into second base.”–David Wright"

Thank you, David, for providing us with #12,907 on the list of things the Mets need to reevaluate.

But what David is trying to say, everyone, is that he and the Mets are going to go out there and really sock it to Chase Utley when breaking up a double play.  Of course, one would assume this mens that the Mets have devised a plan to, you know, get on base first.  Or possibly David Wright plans to ground into a shit-ton of double plays in these last eight games.

Then again, ss I was typing these words in this sentence right here Jose Reyes was picked off first base for the second time in two games.  By Kyle Kendrick.  Clearly the Mets aren’t investing long term in the basepaths.

Hey, I want the Mets jokes to stop so the article can keep going too, but they just keep coming.

Anyways, David Wright’s problem was that when Chase Utley slid into second to break up a double play in what is called “a takeout slide” because of its motivation to “take out” the guy throwing the ball, he “took out” Ruben Tejada, the guy throwing the ball.

If you’re waiting for the “thing that makes this story a story” to come, it isn’t.  The story is over.  David Wright is mad at Chase Utley for taking out somebody with a take out slide.

I’ve never really hated David.  I hate him because he is a Met, but other than that, if he played for another team–obviously not the Yankees–I wouldn’t mind him.  He’s good.  He’s fun. He’ll talk your ear off about anthropomorphic gerbils.

But this complaint doesn’t really do anything but shine a big fat spotlight on the Mets’ issues.  If David Wright really thinks that taking a guy out hard on a play where just that is intended to occur, a play that every ML player has probably done tried to do at some point, then it speaks volumes about the Mets’ attitude.  They don’t want to play hard.  They don’t want to touch people.  I guess they just want to play some good old fashioned, just have some fun, laissez faire baseball.

I hope there are no more questions as to why the Mets are so terrible.

And the Mets still got both outs, so Chase clearly didn’t even do it right or there’d been a man on first.  If anybody should be mad, its Chase Utley for not taking out Ruben Tejada enough to disrupt the play.  I’d say the Phillies need to “reevaluate” the way they slide into second.