Braves Girl Blog is Not Happy With You


Hey, everybody.  Quiet down.  Quiet.  SHUT THE HELL UP.

Julie Kozak has some responses to your accusations.

Julie is a 26-year-old fan of the Atlanta Braves living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She currently writes for Braves Girl Blog, and this is her perspective.  And let me just add that I don’t remember saying any of this.  But that doesn’t mean it probably didn’t happen.

You say that I am a fair weather fan.

I have stuck by my team through a strike, 14 division titles, a World Series, and the years where we didn’t make the postseason.

You say I owe it to my area to root for my team.

I do. I have loved this team, MY team, since my childhood.

You tell me I have no right to go to Citizens’ Bank Park wearing Atlanta colors.

I see Phillies fans in every city they go to.

You tell me since I live here, the Phillies are my team no matter what.

I see someone who would not criticize a person living in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago if they decided to be a Phillies fan.

You tell me the only reason we were in first place for as long as we were was because you were missing Utley, Howard, Rollins, and Victorino.

I saw a lineup that won with players that many consider weaker than the ones you were missing.

You say the team doesn’t deserve to win because they don’t sell out games.

I see a team with a home record that does not reflect attendance.

You say Jason Heyward is overrated.

I see a player with the potential to be one of the finest outfielders in the game and he is only 21.

You say I don’t know my baseball and that’s why I am a Braves fan.

I say I was raised on baseball and learned from a Major League scout about the sport, and I miss him everyday of my life.

You say that Chipper Jones is overrated and doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame.

I see one of the best switch-hitting players of all time and a man with over 400 home runs and a lifetime batting average of over .300

You tell me that Bobby Cox is not as good as we think because he only won one World Series.

I see a man who players rave about and say they are lucky to play for, and they love him on and off the field.

You tell me I have no business rooting for the Eagles and Flyers because I don’t root for the Phillies.

I see a rulebook that states I must root for the Phillies to be allowed to cheer on other local teams. Wait, I do not.

You get mad when other fans talk down on your team or mention they dislike them.

I sit and stay quiet because I am aware that if and when I do the same, I get disrespected and talked down to.

You say you love your team and support them through the good and the bad times.

I say “So do I.”