Phils Remind Dodgers They Are Just the Dodgers


"“If you throw a shutout and the team doesn’t score any runs for you, you’re not going to win.”"

Whoa!  Whoa.  What are you talking about, Roy Oswalt?  Not scoring runs for a quality starter is how you play baseball.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how Abner Doubleday designed the sport.  A pitcher comes out, throws the game of his life, keeps the other team from scoring at all, maybe gets a base hit to give the crowd a larff, and finally, throws the last pitch in the ninth and in the locker room, gets what he undoubtedly deserves:  the 1-0 loss.  If he was a good pitcher, he’d have won.

Right?  That’s baseball.

"“If you give up one run, pitch nine innings and lose 1-0, you still pitched a pretty good ballgame.”"

I have… a lot of research to do.

Phillies 5, Dodgers 1

Yes, pitching is all the rage these days; “rage” being the sensation felt when phenomenal pitching is not met with phenomenal hitting.  They’re letting it loose it in Cincinnati, albeit for an inning or two at a time, but it’s out there, and its slitting throats.

Roy Oswalt was firing on all cylinders, and wasn’t letting the Dodgers hit the ball, which is exactly what he was designed for. His Phillies stats, the only ones that should really count for him this year, continue to climb upwards.  He is shiny.  He is pristine.  He is hard to watch, if you’re an opposing lineup with a thousand excuses.

"“This park isn’t the easiest park to hit in during the daytime, which led to his effectiveness.”"

Pffft.  Whatever, Casey Blake.  Why don’t you go let a ground ball through your legs and watch the Phillies win 10-9.

J-Roll did some offense in the top of the first, the very top, and then Shane Victorino did some more.  Both were home runs.  It was gratifying to see such explosive things happening in close succession.  Maybe, just maybe if the Phillies can learn just how much simpler the game of baseball gets when runs are supplied, they will learn to like–nay, love it.  When one of your three ace starters and somewhat solid fourth starter is clearly on track to dam back what offensive farts an enemy may have, but there’s no support… Hey, let’s build a house and then not nail it together!

Okay, so I don’t re-rant myself, let’s move onto another topic.  After Antonio Bastardo’s deliverance to the majors, Paul Hoover is probably going to show up, too.  Why?  Well, I don’t know if you remember, but there was a time when the Phillies couldn’t open their eyes in the morning without an anvil instantly falling on their heads.  For a team who has become as accident prone as we are, another catcher is not a bad concept, considering the other two could explode at any moment.

"“Hoover left triple-A Lehigh Valley with an eight-game hitting streak and was hitting .385 in his last 12 games.”  –Philly Inquirer"


"“In 77 games with the IronPigs, he hit .247 with two home runs and 21 RBIs.”  –Philly Inquirer"


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Image courtesy of City of Santa Rosa.