The Oswalt Deal According to Mets Blogs


With Roy Oswalt saddlin’ up to Philly, Domonic Brown getting his own t-shirt, and police officers preying on the citizens they swore to protect, Philadelphia has become a hopeful/terrifying place in the last 12 hours.  Whether you can taste the dread of future years or months, or believe a third legitimate ace in the rotation will save our souls, it is always good to know the Mets are [still] suffering.

A smattering of Metropolitan reactions to Roy Oswalt getting got.

  • Amazin’ Avenue started a comment thread that started on the Oswalt Deal, then drifted more into “Why didn’t they keep Cliff Lee?” territory, then Oswalt for a second, then back to Lee, until they discovered how little the Astros got in the deal and somebody mentioned the world would end in 2182.  Via asteroid, apparently.  I assume he brought this up because it is the only way to stop the Mets from losing.
  • MetsBlog attempts to filter the value of the Phillies traded prospects through equivalent players in their own farm system.  Someone fantasizes about Yankee Stadium being swallowed by by an enormous sinkhole.  It’s… surprisingly acceptable imagery from a Mets blog.

"“So, where does that leave the Mets, who have not made a single move before the trade deadline?Sputtering, choking on the dust as they watch the Phillies and the Braves pull away.”  —Lohud Mets Blog"

Ha ha, awesome! I also predict/prefer/chuckle while fantasizing about a slow, agonizing death for the Mets.

  • Slowly pushing Oswalt to the side, Rising Apple wonders aloud who exactly the Mets should be looking for, and how when they do lock down a trade, they should not put the player they are trading on the DL.
  • Long Island Mets Fan reports that Jerry Manuel could do little more than die a little inside when asked about his opinion on RoyO coming to Philly.
  • Another comparison is made of the traded Happ to the Mets’ Jonathan Niese by 213 Miles From Shea, who is a satisfying level of disgusted by the Phillies trade, and explains why the Mets weren’t able to garner up a similar package.  UPDATE: It is not a witch’s curse.  Please stop asking.
  • Aaaand Global Mets Blog hasn’t been operated for a few weeks.  Must be a busy time of year for the globe.

The recurring theme in the comment sections seemed to run anywhere from “Jesus, these guys are stacked,” to “In five years, we’ll get ‘um!”  to “Scientists predict an asteroid will with the Earth in 2182.”  Inherently negative to hopelessly positive.  Sounds a little familiar, actually.  Maybe we’re not so different, you and–