That Awful Lenny Dykstra Saga Just Keeps Going


Some things just go together, like Ben Roethlisberger and any woman he wants, or Danys Baez and earned runs.  But whenever I think history’s most infamous duos, I can’t help but picutre financial guru Jim Cramer standing next to former Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Lenny Dykstra, their arms around each other, laughing, laughing, laughing, knowing full well that the power and wealth they wield will undoubtedly last forever.

"“Bear Stearns is not in trouble!”  –Jim Cramer, 11 March 2008"

"“There was nothing Bear Stearns could have done that could have prevented the company’s collapse in March 2008…”  –Ronald D. Orol, MarketWatch, 5 May 2008"

"“It’s too confusing… I still don’t like to read.” –Lenny Dykstra, who cares when"

So if you throw Jim Cramer, Lenny Dykstra, and other people’s money into a pot together, you can’t be horrified when it boils over with shit.

After receiving an out of the blue email from Dykstra, Cramer hired the ex-player on his site, and began touting him as a financial genius, shoveling credibility his way to the point that people actually listened to Dykstra’s advice, and not even about important things like driving or spitting.  This involved their money and where it was being invested.  When Dykstra’s idiocy was inevitably “revealed”, he wound up in debt $30 million and living in his car.  “The Zeroes” by the Daily Beast’s Randall Lane tracks the trail of horrors from its bizarre instigation.

And now, Lenny Dykstra’s descent into utter madness continues, having been supported at every angle by the stalwart shoulders of Jim Cramer.  Little did Cramer know, Dykstra, armed with the guru’s thumb up, had not only been paid to endorse certain investments, but he was also handing out Kramer’s personal email address for the right price.

Sure, you blame Cramer’s short sightedness.  Or Dykstra’s clearly malfunctioning brain.  But we all know who’s really at fault here.