Phils Fans Probably Going to Continue Disgusting Nationals Fans in Series Finale


I love the surprise people have when Phillies fans show up and act like total assholes.  This guy is complaining about legions of Phillies fans invading Nationals Park and booing the hell out of everyone from Willie Harris to the girl who sang the National Anthem.  Oh, and the President.

We’re talking about a group of people who probably started drinking before his teeth were in his mouth this morning and have been saving up a bunch of insults and vulgarities in their guts all winter, just for this purpose.  Its real bad first thing out the gate.  Sure, there were other sports, but baseball stadiums can be so quiet (Especially in Washington), making them perfectly ripe for Oz-style dialogue in front of a Dora-style audience.

Sorry, Ted Bean.  Don’t worry, it’s almost over.

Phillies-Nationals, 4:35, Nationals Park

Kyle Kendrick, after fighting for a spot on the starting rotation, losing it, and then like 24 hours later, getting it again, should be more than prepared for a start.  Unless he used his small window of failure to go on a drinking binge so counter productive it ruined months and months of athletic training.

So, while not quarantined to the pen just yet, Kyle gets the ball today against Craig Stammen, a guy who has never pitched against the Phillies, and is also in his sophomore year in the majors.

When Ryan Howard homers off him, maybe he’ll be able to get through it with a little more dignity than Jason Marquis, who wants everyone to know that, like an airborne pig, he’s still good, he’s still good.

Its not enough for the Nats to be out-fanned in their own home, and start the season by giving up almost 20 runs, but now their pitching staff wants to excuse themselves by saying that All-Star, 2006 MVP first baseman they’ve been facing really isn’t that good.  Solid theory, Jason.  Just pure gold.

I haven’t seen a reason that Kyle couldn’t hold the Nationals lineup at bay.  They got a little fiery last night, but nothing that couldn’t be extinguished by Chad Durbin, Antonio Bastardo, and Ryan Madson.

Speaking of Bastardo, Roommate and I had a thought regarding his entrance video. It would be that scene in Titanic where that guy Tommy gets shot in the chest for trying to board a life boat too soon, and the Hispanic guy looks up at the crewman who shot him and cries “Bastardo!”  Except Bastardo’s smiling face would be superimposed on the crewmen.

Personally, I think its perfect.

Ryan’s on pace for 162 HR’s (That’s still a funny joke, everyone at ESPN, so keep it up!) and Chase’s bat needs to come a little more to life if he wants to pull ahead in the 2nd Base Chase, because the Yankees don’t play today.