Phillies Look to Embarrass Jason Marquis In Front of Extended Family; Not Wife


Like IronPigs eating their young, Lehigh Valley took on the Reading Phils yesterday in a game that featured more or less all Grapefruit League castoffs.  Seriously, it was just a ton of names you heard over the spring cannibalizing each other for charity.  Even Lehigh Valley Sports said “The result wasn’t really the point.

The inconsequential result being an IronPigs victory, 3-2.

Phillies-Nationals, 7:05, Nationals Park

So, tomorrow Cole Hamels goes up against Jason Marquis.  We all know Cole’s story–2008>2009–so, how about Jason Marquis?  Do I remember him being any kind of threat as a Rockie last year?

Uhhh… no.  15-13 with a 4.04 ERA.  Not impressed.  Well, maybe he turned it around this spring?  Wrong again. Apparently the righty allowed more runs (21) than innings pitched (20 2/3).


Well, to be frank, does Cole really have to have some big impressive start to get the win tomorrow?  I know that’s not the point… we all want to see Cole hit the ground running, isn’t that right, Philadelphia Daily News cover story “Just Duet” featuring Roy Halladay and Cole standing next to each other making intimidating faces?  Its not like that was just a recycled headline that a couple of news editors came up with when it was assumed a Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay era was about to begin.

But tomorrow may not be the day we see what we need to see from Cole.  You can’t circumnavigate the fact that the Nationals are not a powerful lineup, so will they be the test Cole Hamels needs to prove he came into camp with more than a winning smile?  Its not until we see Cole tossing that shaggy mane around against a Cardinals or Braves caliber lineup that we’ll see whether he’s Doc’s next act or just the shitty cover band doing an encore while the crowd either leaves or boos.

Then again, if he does struggle tomorrow, is all hope lost?  Oh god.  Yes.  Yes it is.

Yes, we’ve got a lot of family here this weekend. It is a close enough trip for my parents and friends,” Jason Marquis continued.  “My wife has to go back because my daughter has school so that kinda stinks.

Take the bats to him.

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