Warlock Jeff Francoeur Adds Further Phils to DL with Brain


Jealousy is an ugly shade to wear, and this season, it makes sense that its comes in brightly blued-and-oranged jerseys.  The Mets have been frantic with embarrassing seasons of late, starting with that hilarious collapse in 2007, and ending with a roster full of dead bodies in 2009.  It seems to be continuing with Jose Reyes heading back on the DL to catch up on his stories.

So it makes sense for Jeff Francoeur to adapt to such unbridled jackassery by not just hoping that the Mets are healthy, but also, to hope that the Phillies are not.

Well, the envious bastard got his prayers answered by the same demon that’s been munching his was through the Mets’ lineup card, as Joe Blanton heads to the DL with a strained oblique.  Three to six weeks, they’re saying.  Won’t be a part of the action until Late April.  At the earliest.

Fortunately, we happened to have a combative debate between a couple of dudes hoping for one spot this past winter:  The bright-eyed, skinny-headed Kyle Kendrick, looking for his pitching coach’s support and the chance to make the crowd go wild, and Jamie Moyer, the grizzled vet who probably doesn’t even hear the crowd anymore.

With Moyer more than likely getting the nod after a vicious spring, Kendrick is the educated guess to step in and fill Joe Blanton’s shoes, as comically oversized as they would probably be.