Spring Training Continues Despite Misdemeanors, Disease


First, those rowdy Colvin brothers tear it up, Bourbon Street style.  Now Dane Sardinha‘s getting a DUI? The night after a Spring Training workout?  What is with this crowd?  It’s like the brass handpicked every player who ended a high school football game in the back of a squad car for sipping cheap vodka out of a plastic water bottle and throwing up all over the B-team cheerleaders.

Sardinha’s so not going to Senior Week.

With Dominic Brown sitting out with the flu, I’d say these NRIs are off to a slamming start to the spring.

Maybe that’s why the Phillies newest signing wasn’t a teenager or whatever the hell you want to call Dane Sardinha. 32-year-old Brad Wilkerson and his 2008 BA of .220 got the latest minor league contract with the Phils.   With a batting average that maxed out statistically in 2003 at .268, Wilkerson’s offense has been on a steady decline for the last few seasons, but does not have a history of punching cops or drunk driving.  Of course, there’s a pretty big chance you won’t find that factoid on his Baseball Reference page.

But, despite crimes, misdemeanors, and disease, Spring Training in Clearwater just kept on rolling.  Today was the initial full squad meeting and workout, meaning Charlie Manuel was standing in front of everybody in the same room since however the 2009 World Series ended.  I don’t really remember; I was outside the bar when it was over and all I really remember is people with slurred speech started talking about getting in their cars and heading up the freeway to burn down Yankee Stadium.  I think it was Brody Colvin.

Anyway, Charlie calmly suggested that the Phillies just win in his speech today, which was nice.  Is it a phrase that you could probably hear in most major league locker rooms?  Yes.  But at least the Phillies are fortunate enough to not be a team where the coach is saying it while holding his head in his hands and sobbing.

“Charlie’s able to joke around, but at the same time, really convey his message and be serious,” said Greg Dobbs.

Ha, ha, ha.  Just get in the batting cage, Greg.

Check out the video.  When they’re interviewing J-Roll (starting at 1:47), he keeps looking at the reporter crouching to his right, and the guy keeps smiling at him like a loon.  Weird.