Santana Delusional; Moyer Magic


“When asked Thursday who the best pitcher in the division is this year, Santana shrugged and said, ‘Santana.'”


Atta boy, Johan.  If there’s a guy everybody loves, it’s the guy who’s so blinded by his own arrogance, he can’t see what is plainly and blatantly obvious.  Also, everybody loves the guy who refers to himself in the third person, by last name only.  When I go to parties, I seek that guy out and make friends with him immediately, because lord knows he is going to be the life of that party.

Of course, I only go to parties in hospitals, so more often than not, that guy literally was Johan Santana.

“But it’s not likely that Santana will be the best pitcher in the National League East in 2010, because of Roy Halladay.”


I see ESPN hasn’t even bothered to beat around the bush for once.  In fact, they’ve pretty much done my job for me. But I’ll say it anyway:  Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the NL East by far, and has every chance to be the best pitcher in the NL this season, period.  Hell, he could be the best pitcher in baseball.  And all that is true no matter how many meds are warping Johan Santana’s brain to the moon.

In some other, more un-obvious Phillies pitcher news, Jamie Moyer’s rehab is moving right along.  Hey, I’m as surprised as you are.  One day, he’s looking like multiple surgeries are going to knock him out of commission and the press is muttering “retire,” “old man,” and “fragile” to each other.

The next, he’s jabbing bad-ass quotes into the blogosphere and healing his groin through sheer will power.

If I see Jamie Moyer in the dugout or–gasp–on the mound within the first few games of the season, I will eat my hat with a big smile on my face, and then probably choke to death.

One last thing before the weekend hits, hard:  David Letterman jokes are even funnier when transcribed into text form.

Good night, folks!

Phillies get featured on Baseball Tonight’s Spring Training roadtrip today!  I knew there were benefits to being the first runner-up.  Interview with Brad Lidge!  Too bad I’ll be on a train to Pittsburgh by then.  Update Monday, or Sunday.  Depends on how the weekend goes.  Wink.