Phils Signing Pitchers Faster Than I Can Blog


“Minor league contracts” appear to now be the chief form of currency in the Philadelphia Phillies organization.  The latest on the receiving end of a deal is Oscar Villareal, a 28-year-old reliever, didn’t play in 2009 because he was getting over his Tom… my… John… surgery.

What the hell?

Is TJ way more common than I thought or is Ruben Amaro going out of his way to take in guys who feared they may never pitch again?  Not that I’m assuming these guys aren’t capable of doing their jobs (Especially Mathieson), but with all these ex-Tommy John-ers in play, the farms system’s going to start feeling like the Humane League.

2006 was Villareal’s most terifiyng year in baseball, as with the Braves, we went 9-1 with a 3.61 ERA, as opposed to 2008, when he… didn’t do those things.

Also handed Minor league contracts?  Brian Gordon (RHP), Brian Mazone (LHP) (this guy was voted “Most Spectacular Pitcher in Triple-A” in 2006), Luis Maza (2B) (and this guy played for the real life Albuquerque Isotopes, which is more funny than impressive) and John Purdom (C), according to the Inquirer.

This Brian Gordon character, while playing in the Venezuelan Winter League, once faced down his team’s rivals with 9 K’s and allowing one run.  The crowd was so into him that they chanted his name after the game and wouldn’t stop until he came back on the field and kissed a team jersey.  I had a similar experience in tee ball, but only I had blown the game, and the crowd was chanting for me to come back out on the field so our coach could smack me across the face with one of his cleats.

I… I deserved it.