Phils Hook Big Joe


Who would have thought, when Joe Blanton was signed because we needed depth in the rotation, that he would be the guy that he is?

Maybe its because he signed a three-year deal for $24 million; maybe its because Pandora is for some reason playing “Bittersweet Symphony” more than any other song on my stations lately for some reason, but this makes me feel wistful.

I’ve always had a respect for the guy, often referring to him as things like a “strike-chucking work horse,” or that he “throws strikes; that’s what he does,” or, like today, comparing him to a giant fish.

I think I have a weird thing with animals.

But it’s all true, he’s been a background player to different aces skipping in front of him in the starting rotation, first with Cole Hamels, then Cliff Lee, and now Roy Halladay.  But he’s just as big a part as they are, because if there’s only one or two pitchers who can win for you on your staff, then you’re going to lose.  Isn’t that right, Kansas City Royals?

Anyways, there’s still that fifth starter spot that’s going to go to Kyle Kendrick unless something unthinkably wild happens, so having Joe Blanton in there, a guy who can win, and does win, and throws shit around the dug out when he doesn’t win, is valuable.  And to know he’ll be around for three years is a bit of comforting in an offseason that has raised a few question marks as to our pitching, starting or otherwise.

And he hit Alex Rodriguez with a baseball.  Any man willing to do so gets a high five from me whenever he wants, day or night.

Okay.  Now Pandora’s playing “Wonderwall.”  Clearly, I need to make some adjustments of my own.  Excuse me.