The Tryin’ Hawaiian: Arbitration Continues


Is it just me, or are my headlines making less and less sense?

What I’m attempting to say with that is that Shane Victorino asked for $5.8 million and the Phillies offered $4.75 million.  It’s a bit of a stretch, fine.  But it works.  Kind of.  I guess.

Anyways, that’s the deal with Shane.  The Phils apparently want him around for few more years, and talk of a multiyear deal is hitting the internet.  This sort of puts Jayson Werth in the skillet post-2010.  If there was a debate regarding which all-star outfielder the Phillies would keep around as Domonic Brown tore his way toward a major league career, a multiyear deal kind of spells it out pretty clearly.  Plus, if Werth’s season is as ass-shatteringly dominant as the past few, he’s going to be asking for money that the Phillies just don’t have.

So let’s hope Shane signs on the dotted line for a few more World Series runs in the near future.

Carlos Ruiz and Joe Blanton would be the last two names of concern should Victorino’s future be solidified.  Both are also asking for more than they are being offered (but only by a little) (relatively speaking):  Ruiz wants $2.5 million, the Phils say $1.7 million; Blanton says $10.25, Phils say $7.5 million.

I wish all the players could have all the money!  If only.  Too bad we don’t have the never ending waterfall of cash some teams have, because its not like these guys don’t deserve the raises they’re requesting; Blanton’s a strike-chucking work horse, and Ruiz’s offense took off like a fighter jet near the end of the 2009 campaign.

Boy, all this talk about money is getting me excited for baseball season!  Actually, I’m pretty sick of having to look down to find the dollar sign symbol.  So let’s wrap this up, guys.

And lastly, when Roommate told me that Jimmy Rollins had been in an earthquake, I thought he was kidding, because we have this ongoing joke where he tells me Jamie Moyer is dead and I pretend not to believe him but then run and check Google News.