Phils All Out of Moves?


First, a little shout out to the weather:

Okay, now for some Phillies stuff.

The Phillies are stretching their arms across the oceans and tickling the idea of some foreign born talent.  Taiwanese OF Chia-Jung Lee is the first name up, and also the first name down; he has been scouted and deemed “marginal,” but the Phils’ aren’t moving in for the kill just yet.

While needs to learn that the phrases “…on the verge of signing…” and “We have some mild interest” are about as far away from each other as the U.S. and Taiwan, one young prospect has been snatched up.  Miguel Nunez, a RHP from the Dominican Republic, got a $220,000 signing bonus for putting his name on the dotted line, and is not the guy you remember from that time you woke up on the couch and “Joey” was on TV, even though that’s the guy who’s going to come up if you Google him.

As Danys Baez gets his physical, it’s a safe bet that there may not be many more moves for the Phils this offseason.  As you run out of presents under the tree, you begin to slow down, making the process more and more gradual, just to try and keep it from ending.  So what’d we up end with?

Five out of seven bullpen stables are full:  Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Chad Durbin, J.C. Romero, and Danys Baez, with Bastardo/Escalona crowd probably filling in the holes.

Roy Halladay, Placido Polanco, a mostly new bench, Danys Baez, and rumors about Jayson Werth jettisoning in a season or two.  Okay, its a good haul.  A great haul. Ruben Amaro had a list, and he stuck to it down to the very end. Except for that Halladay deal.  But whatever.  If you didn’t ask for Roy Halladay for Christmas, and you still got him, I don’t know… you’d need a lot of balls to ask for the receipt.

Next half of my 2010 questions tomorrow.  Try to contain yourselves!


That’s Philadelphia 6,795, News Crews 0.