Phillies Eye Slightly Better Third Baseman


The Phillies are aggressively pursuing Tigers second baseman Placido Polando like a gorilla in heat.  The list of potentials appears to be a list no more, unless a list can just be one thing or person.  Or in this case, middle infielder we’d like to change to a corner infielder.

Polanco fits the need for superb defense, existent offense, and a price tag that won’t make anybody’s eyes bug out cartoonishly.

He’s got two Gold Gloves (for second base), so clearly he can handle himself on the field in a way that rivals Pedro Feliz. The big improvement is the offensive production.  But if numbers are to be taken into consideration (And this is baseball, so why would that happen?), Polanco’s .348 OBP compared to Feliz’s .296 means we will have to settle for merely a “marginal” improvement (And they’re the same age! Wacky).

The talks of a three year deal to move Polanco to third (where he played for the Phils 2002-05) came just in time, as other clubs are beginning to sniff the air.

With his bench falling into place (Highlight “Bruntlett,” press “delete”) and a third baseman in the crosshairs, Ruben Amaro’s next moves will surely be revolving around his need to re-work the bullpen.  J.J. Putz is the name you’ll hear the most regarding that scenario currently.

Speaking of ex-Phillies; Good luck, the state of Texas.