Jamie Moyer: A Follow-up


So, because my post yesterday was more on the “Ha ha, groins!” side of things than the “Poor Jamie Moyer must be in some severe discomfort, if not pain,” side, I figured I owed him a follow-up today.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Jamie’s sports hernia from seven weeks ago was to blame for the recent pain.  Though he will be at Thomas Jefferson Hospital for a few days, they’re saying he’s walking arou–you know what, let me just have the Phils team doctor, Michael Ciccotti tell you:

“We’re in the midst of evaluating him. He’s very comfortable. He’s walking. He’s up. He’s doing his normal routine. And we’re in the midst of evaluating him and treating him for this increase in pain. He’s getting some tests, an MRI.  We’ll be monitoring him over the next several days. He’s continuing to exercise as his comfort allows.”

So, there we go.

Of course, we’re all thinking the same thing.  How long before a coaching position seems like a much more comfortable, logical, position with the organization, with the chances of groin pain going down by a decent amount?

I don’t know if Jamie’s pretending not to notice this or what.  No, that’s stupid; he’s a 47-year-old baseball, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be this generation’s Julio Franco and sit on the bench until he’s 72, so obviously retirement may have crossed his mind.  And this postseason he transitioned nicely into a “wise older pitcher” role after being sidelined by injury.

As the days go by, it is less and less and less likely we’ll see him on the mound.  With this recent development, I would almost guarantee we won’t.

Then again… dude’s a fighter.  Keep you posted.