We’ll Still Take an Angel


And the dance continues.

As Roy Halladay becomes less and less of a possibility, the Phillies have begun to address those bench needs they are so in desperate need of.  With Chone Figgins being pretty much out of the equation, the Phils are raising an eyebrow at another Halo, old Robb Quinlan, who at 32, is not actually old.

He’s one of these guys that plays, like, every position.  “Utility man” I think they call them, so he’ll be a real Bruntlett-replacer.  Which means if he doesn’t do something historical completely by accident on his first day, we ship him back to where he came from (I will never stop with the Eric Bruntlett jokes).

So, this stays congruent with Ruben Amaro’s quest for a bench with solid defense, although apparently Quinlan’s D at third is creaking slowly downward; the irony being, Quinlan will be the only player we take from the Angels if we get him.

All of the suffixes of “…but they could still pick up Feliz” could all be for nothing, as the Orioles are apparently intrigued by Peter Happy’s work in the hot corner (among others).  I was wondering why no one mentioned the possibility of another team being even slightly interested in the guy.  He’s a good third baseman; no, not with his bat, but at least he brings something to the table.

And that’s assuming he’d want to come back after being dumped.

Lastly, I don’t care if I have the sneaking suspicion that the Citizens Bank Park tree lighting ceremony (starring Phanta Claus!) is aimed at children, I’m still going.