It’s the Halladay Season… Uh, Again


The offseason is merely days old, and there’s already a few Phillies being kicked off the bus.  Brett Myers was escorted out already, and with the weekend passing, we saw the exit of Eric Bruntlett and Pedro Feliz, two guys that just couldn’t put the pieces together offensively (though Feliz is one hell of a damn fine defensive third baseman, and I will miss him).

So, with a quarter of our infield now being played by a cardboard cut-out of the Phanatic, the Phillie blogosphere is on fire with replacement predictions.  Going from Abraham Nunez to Pedro Feliz was not a particularly huge change, though an undeniable upgrade.  Both were more based in defense, and I always felt like Feliz, though not particularly strong with a bat, was more likely to stroke a single to left than Nunez ever was.

A guy at third base who could hit and field effectively would be a welcome change and a bad ass addition to an already stacked infield.  Names being tossed around include Mark Derosa, Melvin Mora, Adrian Beltre, Chone Figgins, and Scott Rolen (Ha ha ha, just kidding).

The most I remember about Chone Figgins was thinking his name so funny that Roommate and I composed a rap song about him during the ALDS (and a case of beer).

In other news, Cole Hamels had such a questionable season, on and off the field, that the Phillies are giving him a raise ($4.35 to $6.65 million).  Ha ha, baseball is funny.

Also, Greg Dobbs is getting a raise.

Eric Bruntlett, outside of an accidental triple play, has done nothing, and must be stopped.  Head on over to the petition linked just prior to this sentence to join the cause.  Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

Cooperstown, 2016

Child:  Daddy, who was Eric Bruntlett and why is his jersey here?

*Father looks around, embarrassed, and ushers child away from exhibit*

But the best part of the offseason is that we get to hear Roy Halladay’s name again. Which feels even stranger, this time around, because there’s even less prospects to feed him.  Although, with the 2010 season being the last one on his contract, that means his price would be less too, so…

Basically, raise your hand if you want to win another World Series next year.  Okay, and raise your hand if you want to keep our chances high for the next couple of years.

Great.  Because Halladay, if he were to be a part of a sexy Halladay-Lee-(Back to form?!) Hamels-Martinez rotation, would be about as subtle as your head exploding in the middle of church.

With the way moves are being made already, it won’t be at all shocking to see Ruben Amaro take his higher payroll and newfound balls (after all, he gets a blank check for credibility after signing Pedro and Cliff) out for a spin with some radical changes.