Phillies trimmed some fat today.

Brett Myers’ tenure in a Phillies uniform has come coughing and sputtering to a stop.  The injury-riddled “ace” has spent the last few seasons wowing the organization with his ability to under perform, get injured, cause clubhouse drama, complain about what music was played when he entered the game, and punch his wife in the face.

“I kind of felt it coming,” he explained.

Yeah.  You weren’t the only one.

In other… better… news, Cliff Lee’s option was snared for at least one more year.  Lee himself claims he hasn’t really thought about his contract, which, when combined with the fact that he apparently doesn’t ever get nervous playing baseball, makes you wonder what the hell he does think about.

Obviously, Lee’s a priority, and the Phils should (and more than likely will) take the opportunity to pounce on him for subsequent seasons at some point.

I’m sure it’s crossed Roben Amaro’s mind once or twice.

The real question mark is standing to the left of the infield.

Professional defenseman and bat-holder Pedro Feliz is on the fence.  Ruben Amaro took the “yes but no but yes” approach to Feliz’s future.

“I like the man personally,” Amaro quipped, and who wouldn’t?  The guys got a great smile and an arm carved out of marble (I mean that’s a good thing.  Is that a good thing?).

But he was just no good at the plate this year, and it’s a fun little image to think about a Howard-Utley-Rollins infield supplemented by a third baseman with .300+ average.

Well, they’ve got until Monday to decide whether or not to toss his $5 million option into the fire.  Feliz, unlike Myers, part of the bullpen, and the entire bench, would be a face I’d be disappointed to see go, but I understand the reasoning.

Shane Victorinio, Chad Durbin, Carlos Ruiz, and Chan Ho Park are all getting raises, and hey!  Scott Eyre’s “loose bodies” are getting removed!  A good day for elbows everywhere.

So much movement, it’s like the WS never happened.

Yes.  It is.