Monday Afternoon ?!’s


Phillies DH?!

Hal Bodley, the target of this Class A critique, has some thoughts on this.  Then he admits asking Charlie Manuel to “whisper in his ear.”  Don’t get all “Steve Phillips” on us, Hal.

Raul Ibanez is a tactical, clear decision for DH.  The truth is, if he’s going to mike a sizable donation throughout this series, it will be with his bat.  The Yankees are going to require some stellar defense, and Raul… he’s not a speed demon, he can’t turn on a dime, and as I’ve said before, he kind of runs like an octopus.  Having Ben Francisco out there has proven its worth in the past.  It’s a solid plan.

Brett Myers?!

Is he coming along or not?  Charlie fills us in with what is not technically answer to that question:

“He’s throwing the ball better. He’s definitely gotten better.  He’s probably well to close to being healed or well.”

Which I guess is better than nothing.  Before the NLCS, brass decided that he did NOT look healthy enough to join the team, even though Brett himself threw a temper tantrum stating otherwise.  If health was the sole reason he was kept off the roster before, and he looks healthier now, logic dictates that the Phils may be leaning toward giving him a spot.

Depends on how many pitchers they want.  And it’s not like Brett’s been mowin’ ‘um down all year, anyway.

Somebody actually asked Ruben Amaro if Brett Myers’ offense would get him a slot.  Instead of “I don’t have time for this shit, I have a World Series roster to build,” he said, “So that’s a good point. I haven’t brought that one up, though.”

Starting Rotation?!

Yeah, this is another one where hemming and hawing have taken the place of a real answer.  Apparently an endless series of meetings has failed to derive a consensus.  Cliff’s in, Cole and Pedro seem to be in, and that leaves the Happ/Blanton question.  Will they be sequestered to the bullpen?

Charlie likes Happ in his back pocket, and Blanton hasn’t had an impressive enough postseason start to raise a few eyebrows.  I’m saying, if Lee says he can pitch on three days rest, let him pitch.


  • Mark McGwire leaves his cabin in the wilderness to become the Cardinals hitting coach:   “Just hit it as hard you can.  Like Albert’s doing.” *Reads newspaper*.
  • Steve Phillips is fired by ESPN for being a ladies man.  Can’t just let a guy get his “creepy big age-gap affair” on? Especially when he did the same thing when he worked for the Mets?  I like the part where the girl shows up in his driveway unannounced and tries to get to his son through Facebook.