This Just In: Denver is Cold in Autumn


Philly’s turned soggy.  Its the weather equivalent of morning sickness.

The old bones of Pedro Martinez will no longer be put to the test, putting to bed any concerns of whether or not he was the right man for the job.  J.A. Happ, fresh off a screaming line drive to the knee cap, will be given the baseball tomorrow night.

Pedro may be an elder statesman, but he does have playoff experience.  Happ is a rookie, and now he will be pitching in a place so not intended for baseball that they had to postpone today’s game.  Yes, the Rockies have trouble hitting left handers, and Happ certainly is one of those.  With an extra day of rest, we could see a fantastic outing even with the freezing wind chilling both squads to the bone.

Colorado is a different place than Philadelphia.

The temperature will spend all night flirting with freezing, regardless of when they decide to play this game.  Its Denver in mid-Autumn.  That’s a place made for baseballin’ if I’ve ever heard of one.

As long as Happ’s wife doesn’t give birth during the game, and the rules of baseball still apply, its not unlikely that we see a quality outing.