Oh, There’s the Playoffs!


Forget everything I said yesterday.  I know there’s a lot of you out there hanging on my every word, but just forget it. Erase it.  Its gone.

Watching the Tigers-Twins one game playoff was everything you would need to be reminded that baseball is a chess game being played on a battleship in the middle of a firestorm.

I don’t even care about this race too much and I felt like a guy waiting to hear how somebody’s surgery went.

It’s great to be a playoff team.

Growing up, post-’93, we were never there.  I was always watching other teams play in October.  The Phillies were on all through the summer, and that was fine, but when it started getting colder, it was that bullshit period where the only teams on were the Yankees and Braves.

Years and years this went on, until 2007, when I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing.  Like I had snuck into a party I had no business being at.

And then, it turned out, I didn’t, and it was a quick October followed by a very, very, long winter.

So it seems appropriate that again, we took the division title.  Again, we’ll be up against a Rockies team that had to try their darndest to get here, and again, I’ll be sitting in the upper deck for the first of what I can only hope is a whole bunch of playoff games.

Phils-Rockies, 2:30pm, Citizens Bank Park, Cliff Lee vs. Ubaldo Jimenez