Let’s All Go to the Playoffs and Get Ourselves a Cutter


“I’ve heard people say instead of using Brad, use somebody else. But who else out there would you want on the mound if you were going to win or lose a game? Who would you want? Take your pick. I always get back to Lidge.”

I’m not even going to address the holes in Charlie’s latest Brad Lidge claim.

Frankly, after all the bitching I’ve done about Lidge, I’m starting to think Charlie’s not even reading this blog.

The playoffs start on Wednesday (Wow, really?!)  So, why am I in a pissy mood?

I don’t know, maybe I’m not feeling it yet.  Maybe I won’t feel it until I’m walking through the CBP parking lot toward the stadium on Wednesday.  But I guess the playoff magic wasn’t there, considering the only TIGHT race in MLB is to decide who gets sacrificed to the Yankees in the first round.

Oh, that and…we still don’t have a closer, no matter what delusions Charlie’s under.

Okay, so I am touching it.  I hope he proves me wrong.  I really do.  I hope people are able to point at me and say that I was the nay-sayer, I was the guy whose doubt was weighing everybody down, but they still pulled it out, despite all my negative vibes.

Honestly.  Its not personal.  I want us to win, believe it or not.  And I love Lidge as much as they next guy.  48/48?! Are you kidding?!  Who does that?!

I mean, what do you think  all of our potential playoff opponents are thinking?  “Oh gosh, I sure hope they don’t put Lidge in.  The man’s unhittable.”*

Please exit your time machine.  *0-8, 7.21 ERA in 2009.


Anyway, he wants to start using a cutter, which is…whatever.  Is now a good time to introduce a new pitch?  Logic says “Absolutely not.”

But, if we’re going to see Lidge in the post season, you could make the argument that it could be good to see him making a change.  If we aren’t going to see a different closer, it can’t hurt to see a different pitch.

Unless it does.

See you in section 427.

This and this and this are funny.