TBOH’s Post Season Bullet Points


Can I ask something?

When were we even in contention for the best record in the NL?

Blame it on not paying attention, but the Dodgers had pulled so far ahead in that department I hadn’t even bothered to consider it (And yeah, I mean, like, months ago).  When they threw Charlie’s stats up on the screen the other night, with his record for each year in Philadelphia, this year we were better than last year.

“Wow, that’s surprising, given all the blown saves,” roommate remarked.

“Shut up, Yankees fan,” I replied, and threw his dinner on the floor.

A Phillies-Yankees World Series would probably end with this apartment in flames and the sound of teeth exploding. But I guess we’ll blow up that bridge when we come to it.

As I reflect on this year, I for some reason remember a lot more bouts of losing.  I remember having to make excuses and looking forward to the day we came out of a tailspin.

And…apparently that happened.  A lot.  Just not when I was watching, I guess.  Then again, maybe I’m so bitter about baseball I can’t even stand up.


  • First of all, its time to send Eric Bruntlett out to pasture.  But not like an extravagant pasture, like a smaller one along a busy road, so that maybe he gets through the fence and wonders into the street.  Because the thing about an unassisted triple play is, its not very hard, just uncommon.
  • Cliff, we need you buddy.  We need you without the words “looked shaky” after your name.  You’re a Cy Young-haver, a lineup-killer, and a CG shut out-er.  And we need you more than ever.
  • That goes for you, too, Cole.
  • Whatever’s ailing the lineup, let’s hope that the remedy is “rest.”  because even the guys who weren’t on the bench last night were resting.  Then there’s also the three days of rest at the end of the season before the playoffs start. So, Chase, Shane, everybody–rest up.
  • And a howdy-do to J.C. Romero, an arm I love seeing back in the bullpen.  “I love J.C. Romero,” roommate informed me.  “SCREW YOU,” I replied, and hurled his sandwich out the window.  Of course, everybody should probably stay on his good side.