Oh We of Little Phaith



Crisis mode.

It would be easy to fill this page with the fire and noise currently decorating the comments columns of Phillies’ blogs the world over.  I’ve spent the last hour holding my breath and delving into the blogsophere, hoping for some sort of respite.

Some want Tyler Walker’s/Brad Lidge’s/Chase Utley’s head.  Others say Charlie Manuel is overdue for an old fashioned scream-a-thon.  I also saw one guy claim that the fans are coddling the players by not booing them, which, I was scared to realize, actually made sense to me.

I mean, its still Philadelphia.

But an interesting point is with Manuel, the guy who benched J-Roll for not running out a pop-up years back.  The fans agreed with him; Jimmy wasn’t hustling.


So…why the new management style?  Did Charlie start taking Yoga classes?  Keeping a bong in his office?  Medidtating between pitches?  because everybody’s getting 13th and 14th chances these days, to the point where I think I’d even have a shot at a roster spot.

Limping into the playoffs isn’t pretty, and it does take away from some of the joy of getting there.  But its better than not getting there at all.

A lot of fans have downgraded to congratulating the braves for winning the division, which is…childish.  I don’t think anyone believes that, yet, but it makes them feel better to say it.  Assuming the worst for some reason, convinces people that it will soften the blow when it happens.

Or, if it doesn’t happen, they’ll be able to look around the room when the Phillies win with a sheepish “Aw, shucks,” grin and start the celebrating as the “nay-sayer.”

Won’t that feel good?

As for my opinion, I can’t predict the future, and I don’t think you can rationalize or make assumptions based on other teams, current or past, that have faltered near the end of the season.  I just know a championship team doesn’t play like we’re playing, doesn’t sit idly and watch the game pass them by, doesn’t pitter-patter their way through a game because they just don’t have the energy.

Honestly, my biggest concern is our inability (if we do lose)  to call out the Mets on the worst collpase in baseball history anymore.

I mean, damn it.  Its so fun that its true.